#PHISO2018 Exploratory Workshop: International Relations in Southeast Asia

dave-daryanani-14large-1522139423Pages from 373215280-2nd-PHISO-Conference-Program_Page_1

Pages from 373215280-2nd-PHISO-Conference-Program_Page_2

Pages from 373215280-2nd-PHISO-Conference-Program_Page_3


Pages from 373215280-2nd-PHISO-Conference-Program_Page_4

Pages from 373215280-2nd-PHISO-Conference-Program_Page_5

Pages from 373215280-2nd-PHISO-Conference-Program_Page_6

Pages from 373215280-2nd-PHISO-Conference-Program_Page_7

Pages from 373215280-2nd-PHISO-Conference-Program_Page_8

Pages from 373215280-2nd-PHISO-Conference-Program_Page_9

The details of the general Call of the workshop is available here.

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