Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Philippine International Studies Organization (PHISO)! Be assured that the information that PHISO needs you to share in this form will be treated with confidentiality and utilized for lawful purposes of the organization. For your expeditious accomplishment of this form estimated at a range of 5-10 minutes, please ensure a ready access to the following:

1. Scanned copy/screenshot of your proof of payment of membership dues
Filename: <Surname>-PHISOmembership
Standard Membership: all who have earned an undergraduate degree (800 PHP or 20 USD for non-Filipinos)
Associate Membership: all who have yet to earn an undergraduate degree (500 PHP or 15 USD for non-Filipinos)
Important: Expect to pay service charges over and above the membership dues. Payment deficiency will hinder the expeditious issuance of the certificate of membership. For further details about the modes of payment click here.

2. Scanned copy of 1 valid ID (professional or university ID)
Filename: <Surname>-ID
Note: This facilitates validation of the accuracy of the membership dues paid by the prospective or renewing member.

3. Shareable link to your profile
Note: ORCID is preferred (see guide by clicking here) unless you already have an existing electronic profile elsewhere such as in a personal website or account in Academia, LinkedIn, Research Gate, or if you have uploaded your updated CV in cloud storage with shareable link (for file-sharing guide, see Google Drive or Dropbox).

PHISO welcomes you!

Click here to apply for or renew your membership. Thank you for (re)joining PHISO.

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