#PHISO2019: A Post-Conference Summary Report

The #PHISO2019 International Conference and Exploratory Workshop took place on 8-10 November 2019 at the Cebu Parklane International Hotel in Cebu City, Philippines. The workshop and conference presentations, discussions, as well as shared opinions and suggestions centered around the theme, Diplomacy, Dialogue, and Discourse: Praxes Turn in IR. The two-pronged event kicked off with the WISC-PHISO Exploratory Workshop on 8 November 2019 and proceeded with the conference proper on 9-10 November 2019. Of the 98 pre-registered participants, 88 had their registration details authenticated during the conference proper.

PHISO’s aim of bringing together practitioners’ experiences working on different dimensions of International Relations on the one hand, and scholars’ empirical and theoretical knowledge in the study of the international on the other hand, has been met given the diversity of participants and paper presenters. The event has served as a venue for academics and practitioners to discuss challenges and opportunities for cooperative prospects between scholarship and practice in forwarding Philippine and Global South interests in the world. The greater number of participants rated the event as “best” in their post-activity evaluation. None of them evaluated the event as “poor”. Meanwhile, the participants had the chance to view, browse and purchase books from 4 book exhibitors: Ateneo de Manila University Press, International Islamic University Malaysia Press, MegaTEXTS Phil. Inc., and Palgrave Macmillan.

Click here to view the Post-Activity Evaluation Summary.

This year’s Call for Proposals (CfP) elicited 103 abstract submissions, 65% of which are from international scholars. Among the submissions, 52 were accepted for presentation by the Proposal Review and Evaluation Committee. These papers were arranged into 11 panel sessions in addition to 2 panel proposals and 5 roundtable discussions (RTDs). The accepted abstracts include 5 high quality papers that qualified for workshop presentation.

Click here to access the Abstracts Compendium.

The workshop

Given WISC’s and PHISO’s shared advocacies to promote innovative research and emerging scholarship in IR, PHISO has brought to the country for the first time a WISC exploratory workshop. This well-attended event had an audience of nearly forty attendees (including the presenters and discussants) attesting to the interest in the topics discussed. Out of 57 workshop-directed abstract submissions, 5 were selected to be presented at the workshop from four different countries – Vietnam, Poland, India and the Philippines. Grants were given to the presenters of said papers while 2 paper readers from the United States were self-financed. The discussants, who were sourced from the editorial board of the PHISO-Routledge book series, International Relations in Southeast Asia, were also given grants.

PHISO’s CfP aimed to elicit research on Global South IR perspectives with a particular focus on theories, methodologies, practices and their convergence. Accordingly, workshop paper presenters are encouraged to pursue the publication of their work as part of an edited volume or monograph in PHISO’s Routledge book series, International Relations in Southeast Asia, or as journal articles.

In below’s photo, you will see from left to right: WISC Secretary-General Roberto Dominguez, Workshop Manager Archill Niña F. Capistrano, Presenters Arnaud Kurze, Christopher Lamont, Adonis Elumbre, Magdalena Kania, MD Aftab Alam, Thuy Do, PHISO President Frances Antoinette Cruz, Presenter Henelito Sevilla Jr., and PHISO Founder Nassef Manabilang Adiong

See workshop photos here.

Day 1 of the conference

The Coordinator of the Office of International Linkages (OIL), Dr. Aurelio Vilbar, welcomed the participants to the conference in representation of the University of the Philippines Cebu, this year’s institutional host, while PHISO President Frances Antoinette Cruz delivered the opening remarks.

Click here for the PHISO President’s Message.

The conference proceeded as scheduled in the conference program with the plenary sessions in the morning and the panels and RTDs in the afternoon.

Keynote Speakers Peter Vale and Roberto Dominguez | Rommel Curaming’s book talk

Peter Vale delivered the first keynote speech, Made in South Africa: Late colonialism and the origins of International Relations. It was followed by Roberto Dominguez‘s keynote speech, Finding sustainable security governance in Latin America: Theory, practice and lessons. Thereafter, Rommel Curaming discussed his new book entitled Power and Knowledge in Southeast Asia: State and Scholars in Indonesia and the Philippines. The afternoon sessions comprised the following:

A welcome dinner capped Day 1 of the conference with lively vocal performances from Serenata courtesy of institutional host UP Cebu. Not to be outdone, participants went from cerebral to vocal as the evening segued to an impromptu videoke shindig, a first in the history of PHISO conferences.

See Day 1 in photos here.

Day 2 of the conference

The day commenced with Andreas Herberg-Rothe‘s keynote speech, Concentric circles and billiard games: Rethinking the relation of theory and practice in International Relations TheoryKelly M. Kadera was next to deliver her keynote speech, Critiquing the feminist peace. After the keynote speeches, the PHISO General Assembly followed with the Board of Trustees presenting PHISO’s achievements. It culminated with the ceremonial turnover of hosting responsibility to Miriam College, the next institutional host.

Keynote Speakers Andreas Herberg-Rothe and Kelly M. Kadera | Next host: Miriam College

The afternoon sessions proceeded with the following panels and RTDs:

The participants received their certificates of participation after the last set of panel sessions and RTDs. Digital copies of the certificates of participation are also accessible for Panel Chairs, Discussants and Paper Presenters by clicking on the applicable panel/roundtable title above.

See Day 2 in photos here.

The #PHISO2019 International Conference and Exploratory Workshop is PHISO’s third and last conjoined event. Starting next year, the workshop and the conference shall be conducted biennially in alternating fashion beginning with the workshop in 2020. The next PHISO conference will be in 2021.


Dear Participants,

Thank you for being an integral part of the success of our #PHISO2019 International Conference and Exploratory Workshop. It is a feat that is unattainable if done singlehandedly, especially when visited by joblessness and uncertainty as the days moved closer to the workshop and conference dates. I thank the Organizing Cluster (OC) for taking the first organizing steps with me: structuring and protocol guidance (Ms. Sheida, Gail, Leo, and Seane), conference branding and zero-waste praxis (Danica!), CfP design and successful WISC bid (Renee!), and Code of Conduct and accommodations list (Mar Louie and Renren!). It’s cruel that we had a short-lived working togetherness but OC, you are an integral part of #PHISO2019’s success.

Then UP Cebu took me under its wing in August. In just under 4 months before #PHISO2019, my UP Cebu Colleagues led by Ma’am Zeny Ashburn, her successor JJ Sacramento, and Ms. Anne Crystal-Bongo, have not only made me feel welcome and at home, they enabled me to engage in the meticulous process of obtaining funding for UP Cebu to host #PHISO2019 from no less than the UP System’s Office of International Linkages (OIL). The affirmative result, something that I’ll never be able to get from my former institution, is every bit as sweet as the melodious voices of Serenata, as heartwarming as everybody’s smile of fellowship, as filling as our shared meal, and as mirthful as the musical celebration of our impromptu videoke!

Not to be outdone are UP Cebu’s Triboluntaryo, this amazing tribe of student volunteers under the caring guidance of Ms. Claire Jabines, and composed of Adam Lester Patajo, Diane Baldesco, Vienna Lyn Muego, Noelle Anne Seno, Nova Dequit, Mel Joseph Castro, Rodavarg Vincent Gravador, Lear Jet De la Cruz, Marianne Ayuban, Cezanelle Garay, Jester Dacuno, Earl Max Eata, and Ezra Tictic … and let’s include that ex-boyfriend Physics guy named Nilo, too! Daghang salamat, Triboluntaryo, sa inyong tribolusyonaryong pag-alagad! I look forward to partake of more opportunities of being nurtured to create, inspired to innovate, and destined to serve … with you, UP Cebu!

Last but not least, I thank you most profoundly, PHISO. You never gave up on me especially during those times when I seemed like a driftwood floating on rough seas, without an institutional affiliation. You have instead anchored your confidence on my capability to bring #PHISO2019 to fruition. Such is PHISO’s brand of support and sense of community. Now as the curtain falls with the conclusion of #PHISO2019, I hope I have given justice to your unwavering trust in me, PHISO.

This is Archill Niña F. Capistrano, PHISO Visayas Representative and proudly of UP Cebu, #PHISO2019 Lead Conference and Workshop Organizer signing off.

A friendly warning from PHISO:

Please beware of email invitations to publish your paper presented during the conference from certain purported journal companies. Predatory journals are on the hunt to attract papers and profit from your intellectual work. Click here for a helpful guide. PHISO cares!

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