Methods of Payment

You can pay your membership fee, registration fees (conferences, workshops, seminars, forums and lectures) and/or send donations via PayPal, TransferWise, or Bank-to-Bank transfer globally. Regardless of date of payment, annual cycle of membership starts on November 01 and ends on October 31 the following year. This cycle coincides with the biennial international conference and biennial international workshop of PHISO which happens every first week of November.

Standard Membership: This is designed to all who have earned an undergraduate degree. The rate is PH₱800 (or US$20 for foreign applicants) annually.

Student Membership: This is designed to all who have yet to earn an undergraduate degree. The rate is PH₱500 (or US$15 for foreign applicants) annually.

Registration rates for the #PHISO2019 international conference and exploratory workshop:

Reminder about PayPal, TransferWise, and bank transaction
To offset surcharges, additional PH₱300 (or US$6) for PayPal payments, if selected. Incomplete payments sent through PayPal will have to be completed onsite in Philippine Peso. If TransferWise is used, a small charge will automatically be deducted during the transaction and PHISO will receive the exact amount. Additional bank charges, if any, must be paid by the participant if bank-to-bank transfer is used.

Registration fees (with automatic 1-year PHISO membership) due on 31 July 2019:
PH₱3500 (or US$70) for graduate students & employed (active members pay ₱3000)
PH₱1500 (or US$30) for undergraduate students (active members pay ₱1000)

After payment, please register here with an image/screenshot for upload of your proof of payment showing your full name and having the filename format “<surname>-receipt” and/or scanned university ID (for undergraduate students) having the filename format “<surname>-id”.

IMPORTANT: Registration fee shall be non-refundable except if PHISO is constrained to cancel the 2019 PHISO International Conference and Exploratory Workshop due to fortuitous event/Act of God, e.g. war, fire, labor strike, extreme weather/geologic condition, or any other emergency that would render the conduct of the event impracticable, illegal or impossible.

To be eligible for event cancellation refund, the claimant must accomplish the form (to be activated only when the any of the stated condition arise) not later than 30 calendar days from the official notice of cancellation. The refund shall be limited either to the amount paid upon registration or the date of the cancellation notice whichever is lower based on the exchange rate of Metrobank, PHISO’s depository bank, less applicable transaction charges.


From any bank worldwide you can transfer or deposit your payments and/or donations to PHISO’s Metrobank Corporate Account. Please remember that you have to pay all ‘bank transfer’ charges. Necessary information are stated below:

  • Account number: 184 318 435 35 72
  • Name of the bank: Metrobank
  • Bank’s branch code: 184
  • Bank’s branch name: Morayta
  • Account holder’s mailing address: Room 1221, Pavilion 1, Palma Hall, Quirino Avenue, University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1101
  • Account holder’s mobile number: +63.926.733.3009
  • Account holder’s email address:
  • Bank Routing Symbol Transit Numbers (BRSTN): 026002846
  • PayPal bank code: 010269996
  • Bank’s mailing address: 866 Nicanor Reyes Sr. Avenue, Sampaloc, Manila, 1015 Philippines
  • Bank’s telephone numbers: +63.2.735.1573   or   +63.2.735.1478   or   +63.2.736.2671
  • Bank’s email address:
  • Bank’s telefax number: +63.2.736.2670


With your Philippine (personal) bank account subscribed to instaPay and PESONet, you can easily transfer fund electronically between different local bank accounts done in real time and at any time of the day. These online platforms, aimed at modernizing country’s retails payment system, are products of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.


Using your GCash account and powered by instaPay, you can send money to 30+ local banks for free. Click here for details or follow the steps below in sending money to a bank:

Step 1. Select ‘Send Money’ then ‘Send Money to Bank’ or ‘Bank Transfer.’

Step 2. Select the bank of your choice and input the required details needed to process your transaction (i.e. amount, name, account number, etc.).

Step 3. On the Confirmation page, confirm the amount you wish to send. The bank transfer should be processed immediately; you will receive an SMS confirmation receipt for the transaction as well.


Send money from PayMaya to a bank

  1. Log in to your PayMaya account.
  2. Tap “Bank Transfer” in the Home screen.
  3. Select the partner bank from the list and input amount.
  4. Input Recipient Details.
  5. Tap “Continue.”
  6. Review your Send Money transaction details.
  7. Tap “Send.”
  8. Wait for PayMaya’s confirmation via SMS.

coinsph is a Philippine-based digital wallet that can be used to complete financial transactions in one tap. is also integrated with the decentralized function of blockchain technology which allows its users to have a peer-to-peer online money exchange at zero cost.


You can deposit or transfer money to our Metrobank account no. 184 318 435 35 72  using TransferWise, which is cheaper and faster compared to bank-to-bank transaction and PayPal. If this is used, a small charge will automatically be deducted during the transaction and PHISO will receive the exact amount.

According to their website: “You could save up to 8x compared to a bank when you send money, get paid in other currencies, or spend abroad on the TransferWise debit Mastercard.” See for details.



Click the image above or go to PayPal.Me/PhISO to make online payments and donations to PHISO directly or send it to Please remember that you have to add PH₱300 PHP (or US$6) for PayPal charges. That will make PH₱1100 PHP (or US$26 for non-Filipino applicants) for standard membership fee, and PH₱800 PHP (or US$21 for non-Filipino applicants) for student membership fee.

“PayPal.Me” is an easier and faster way to send and receive payments. Just text, email or post PayPal.Me/PhISO on your website, blog, facebook, twitter, etc., and payments or donations will be processed right away. PHISO (prospective) members and conference participants will simply click PayPal.Me/PhISO, enter an amount, log in to their PayPal account and they are done. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can sign up in minutes. Like any PayPal transaction, the connection is secure. Everyone involved will receive an email notification and can view the payment details in their PayPal account activities. Everyone is protected by PayPal Seller and Buyer Protection for all eligible transactions.

For membership-only payments and/or donations, please send us your receipt of payment or donation by emailing it to For inquiries, contact us here.

BIR Permit (Tax)
Permit from the Philippines’ Bureau of Internal Revenue.
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