Methods of Payment

You can pay your membership fee, registration fees (conferences, workshops, seminars, forums and lectures) and/or send donations via PayPal or Bank-to-Bank transfer globally.

Standard Membership: This is designed to all individuals, both working (scholars, teachers, and practitioners) and graduate (PhD and Master) students. Regular members have voting rights and eligible to run to become part of the management committee. The rate is PH₱800 (or US$20 for foreign applicants) annually.

Student Membership: This is designed only for undergraduate students who pay less than the standard membership fee. Student members have no voting rights but eligible to run as undergraduate student representative. The rate is PH₱500 (or US$15 for foreign applicants) annually.


Registration rates for the 2nd conference and exploratory workshop:

Reminder about PayPal and bank charges
Additional PH₱300 (or US$6) for PayPal payments, if selected. Incomplete payments sent through PayPal will have to be completed onsite in Philippine Peso.
Additional bank charges, if any, must be paid by the participant.

Registration fees on or before February 01, 2018 (with automatic 1-year PHISO membership):
PH₱3000 (or US$60) for graduate students & employed
PH₱1500 (or US$30) for undergraduate students

Registration fees after February 01, 2018 (with automatic 1-year PHISO membership):
PH₱3500 (or US$70) for graduate students & employed
PH₱2000 (or US$40) for undergraduate students

After payment, please send us a confirmation email with your name and its receipt to



From any bank worldwide you can transfer or deposit your payments and/or donations to PHISO’s Metrobank Corporate Account. Please remember that you have to pay all ‘bank transfer’ charges. Necessary information are stated below:

  • Account Number: 184 318 435 35 72
  • Name of the Bank: Metrobank
  • Bank’s Branch Code: 184
  • Bank’s Branch Name: Morayta
  • Bank Routing Symbol Transit Numbers (BRSTN): 026002846
  • PayPal Bank Code: 010269996
  • Bank’s Address: 866 Nicanor Reyes Sr. Avenue, Sampaloc, Manila, 1015 Philippines
  • Bank’s Telephone Numbers: +63 2 735 1573   or   +63 2 735 14 78   or   +63 2 736 2671
  • Bank’s Email Address:
  • Bank’s Telefax Number: +63 2 736 2670




Click the image above or go to PayPal.Me/PhISO to make online payments and donations to PHISO directly. Please remember that you have to add PH₱300 PHP (or US$6) for PayPal charges. That will make PH₱1100 PHP (or US$26 for non-Filipino applicants) for standard membership fee, and PH₱800 PHP (or US$21 for non-Filipino applicants) for student membership fee.

“PayPal.Me” is an easier and faster way to send and receive payments. Just text, email or post PayPal.Me/PhISO on your website, blog, facebook, twitter, etc., and payments or donations will be processed right away. PHISO (prospective) members and conference participants will simply click PayPal.Me/PhISO, enter an amount, log in to their PayPal account and they are done. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can sign up in minutes. Like any PayPal transaction, the connection is secure. Everyone involved will receive an email notification and can view the payment details in their PayPal account activities. Everyone is protected by PayPal Seller and Buyer Protection for all eligible transactions.


Please send us the receipt of payment or donation by emailing it to For inquiries, contact us here.


BIR Permit (Tax)
Permit from the Bureau of Internal Revenue
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