2016 Young Researchers Workshops – Call for Applications

2016 Young Researchers Workshops – Call for Applications

EISA is inviting proposals for Young Researchers Workshops (YRW) linked to the next EISA Pan-European Conference in Izmir, Turkey (7-10 September 2016). The workshops will be held on 6 September 2016, prior to the main conference.

YRWs are one-day workshops organised by and for doctoral students and recently appointed postdoctoral researchers. Eight to twelve participants use the workshop to present and discuss their work. We recommend that conveners invite one or two senior discussants. It is also possible to include keynote speaker. Organised around an overarching theme or question, the workshops can be used for several purposes, including gaining experience in academic conference presentation, developing new ideas, building up a research proposal, and/or preparing publications. The guidelines for proposals are available here.

Please submit your applications to: jef.huysmans@open.ac.uk — using EISA YRW PROPOSAL in subject heading. The deadline for application is 14 December 2015.The YRW Committee will evaluate applications. Applicants will be contacted about the decision reached by early 2016.

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