Welcome, Professor David Lewis

We are very happy to include Professor David Lewis of London School of Economics and Political Science as one of PhISO’s Consultants and Members of Board of Advisors for our publication projects, particularly our planned ‘Philippine Journal of International Studies’. 
Taken from his abridged curriculum vitae:
Professor David Lewis is the head of the Department of Social Policy. He specialises in development policy and management, with particular expertise on NGOs and civil society. Other interests include rural development, organisational issues in development agencies, and anthropological approaches to development. An anthropologist by training, he has undertaken extensive field research in South Asia (particularly Bangladesh) and has advised and consulted for a wide range of international development agencies, NGOs and private sector organisations. Some of his publications include:
Peer-reviewed journal articles

Lewis, D. (2011) Exchanges of professionals between the public and non-governmental sectors: life-work histories from Bangladesh. Modern Asian Studies, Volume 45, Part 3, pp 735-757.

Lewis, D. (2009) International development and the perpetual present: anthropological approaches to the rehistoricisation of policy. European Journal of Development Research, 21, 1, pp 32-46.

Biggs, S. & D. Lewis (2009) Fair Trade and organizational innovation in Nepal: lessons from 25 years of growth of the Association of Craft Producers (ACP), European Journal of Development Research 23, pp 1-20.

Lewis, D. (2008) Crossing the boundaries between third sector and state: life-work histories from Philippines, Bangladesh and the UK. Third World Quarterly, 29, 1, pp 125-142.

Lewis, D. (2008) Using life-work histories in social policy research: the case of third sector/public sector boundary crossing. Journal of Social Policy, 37, 4, pp 559-578.

Lewis, D., D. Rodgers & M. Woolcock (2008) The fiction of development: literary representation as a source of authoritative knowledge, Journal of Development Studies, 44, 2, pp 198-216.

Bebbington, A., D. Lewis, S. Batterbury & E. Olson (2007) Beyond the development text: the World Bank and empowerment in practice. Journal of Development Studies, 43, 4, pp 597-621. [text]

Lewis, D. & D. Mosse (2006) Encountering order and disjuncture: contemporary anthropological perspectives on the organisation of development. Oxford Development Studies, 34,1, pp 1-14.


Lewis, D. (2011, forthcoming) Bangladesh: Politics, Economy and Civil Society. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Lewis, D. & N. Kanji (2009) Non-Governmental Organisations and Development. London: Routledge.

Lewis, D. (2007) The Management of Non-Governmental Development Organizations, 2nd edition, London: Routledge. 

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