2016 EISA Exploratory Symposia – Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals
EISA Exploratory Symposia

Rapallo, Italy
Wednesday 2nd – Saturday 5th November 2016

EISA will be holding its 5th Exploratory Symposia for members in the town of Rapallo, Italy this November. We invite proposals until 20th June 2016.

What are EISA Explanatory Symposia?
Each of EISA’s Exploratory Symposia will involve five cross-national scholars who will meet over three days. EISA will fund up to six symposia with a maximum of five participants per symposium based on the quality of proposals received. We invite proposals from both newly established and already established research groups to engage in activities that will advance the field of International Studies in Europe.

Please note that a participation fee of 100 € applies to each participant and all participants must be EISA members. Funding of the Exploratory Symposia covers accommodation and half board (breakfast and lunch) plus an opening dinner on Wednesday 2nd November for up to five participants per group. Travel costs and other costs are to be covered by participants.

What kind of research groups are the Exploratory Symposia for?
The Exploratory Symposia aim to facilitate two kinds of research groups:

  • Newly established groups that would like to meet at an early stage of a research project to progress it.
  • Already established research groups that would like to meet to work out how to further their research agenda.

Research groups at either stage might use their Symposium to discuss and draft detailed proposals for special issues of a journal, for books or edited collections, or for submissions to a funding organisation. Research groups would be encouraged to publish their results in peer-reviewed journals or relevant book series, including EISA’s PSIR book series or journals.

Please note that groups must indicate in their application whether they wish to meet to discuss the establishment of a new research group OR whether they are advanced in their work and wish to discuss a publishing proposal. The prime criteria of decision-making in awarding an exploratory symposium are academic quality and the potential for advancing International Studies in Europe.

What format do the Exploratory Symposia take?
Participants will be expected to arrive in Rapallo on the afternoon of day one (Wednesday 2ndNovember) and depart in the afternoon of day four (Saturday 5th November). The meetings will take place from Thursday 3rd – Saturday 5th November 2016. EISA will cover accommodation and half board (breakfast and lunch) during this period plus an opening dinner Wednesday evening. Participants must cover their own travel and any other expenses.

Who may apply?
EISA members. We encourage participants or section chairs of the Pan-European Conference on International Relations and European Workshops in International Studies (EWIS) as well as other International Studies events to apply to continue their work through the Exploratory Symposia. However, all applicants must follow the same procedures and a proposal which comes from a previous panel/section has no a priori advantage over other proposals.

What criteria are used in selecting research groups?
Academic quality is the most important factor. Other criteria include: having a fair geographical spread of participants, excellent potential for turning the idea into outputs (based on topic, reputation of participants etc.). An excellent proposal will not fail even if most of the secondary criteria are not met; however, proposals which meet all the secondary criteria flawlessly but do not score better than ‘good’ with regard quality will not be considered.

What should the proposal include?
Proposals should:

  • Specify the research question/theme and locate the research question/theme within relevant debate(s) and vis-a-vis relevant IR theories, though interdisciplinary enterprises are also encouraged;
  • Include a list of members including email addresses of the research group;
  • Briefly outline the main argument/innovative contribution that the research group wants to make.

Proposals should provide sufficient information on these topics but be no longer than 3000 words.

The deadline for applications to the 2016 Exploratory Symposia is 20 June 2016. Applicants will be informed of the success or otherwise of their application by 27 June 2016.

Email applications and queries must be emailed to EISA Board Member Victoria M. Basham at: BashamV@cardiff.ac.uk

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