CfP: ISA-Global South Caucus Dialogue

The International Studies Association’s (ISA) Headquarters and the Global South Caucus (GSC) wish to invite participation in the “ISA Global South Caucus Dialogue” to be held on Wednesday, March 16, 2016 at the Annual Convention in Atlanta. This dialogue will address the GSC’s emphasis on raising the profile and involvement of scholars and scholarship from the Global South in the work of the ISA.

The ISA-Global South Caucus Dialogue will raise probing questions about:

– The involvement of scholars from the Global South in the governing bodies and leadership positions in the ISA;
– The participation of Global South scholars and graduate students in the research activities and publications of the ISA (e.g. research workshops, publications in ISA journals);
– Logistical concerns related to involvement of scholars and students from the Global South in the ISA (e.g. allocation of travel grants, location and scheduling of panels at conferences);
– Greater cooperation between scholars from the “North and “South” (e.g. in publications, panels, research workshops), and
– The English language focus of the ISA.

The active involvement of members of the GSC, and of ISA members working in the Global South or on Global South issues, is needed in order to produce a meaningful conversation about these issues. Therefore, we invite interested persons to apply to serve as conveners who will frame this dialogue. Interested persons should submit questions, perspectives or concerns related to the themes (noted above) no later than February 27, 2016. Submissions should be no longer than 125 words in length and should be sent to Five conveners will be selected to speak briefly about their submissions. The selected conveners will be drawn, one each, from the following geographical areas in order to reflect the focus of the GSC: Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Developing Eurasia.

We encourage your submissions to this high level dialogue which will be attended by the ISA President, Paul Diehl, and Vice President, Aseem Prakash, and the Chairs and Executive Committee of the Global South Caucus, in an effort to raise the profile of Global South perspectives.

The Ad Hoc Group for the Global South Caucus Dialogue.

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