New Steering Committee for the ECPR Standing Group on International Relations

The ECPR Standing Group on International Relations recently held elections for a new Steering Committee. Seven candidates competed for three positions on the Steering Committee. The winning candidates are Dr Lisa Dellmuth (Lecturer in international relations and comparative politics at the Department of Political Science at Stockholm University and the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Dr Manuela Moschella (Associate Professor in international political economy at the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa) and Dr Piki Ish-Shalom (The A. Ephraim and Shirley Diamond Family Chair in International Relations and Associate Professor at the Department of International Relations, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem). The new committee members will take on the responsibilities as follows: Lisa Dellmuth will act as Convenor; Piki Ish-Shalom will act as Secretary; and Manuela Moschella will act as Treasurer.
This election comes at a crucial juncture in the history of SGIR. The creation of an European International Studies Association has led to a reassessment of the role of ECPR’s Standing Group on International Relations (SGIR). This has not been an easy process, but it has resulted in a division of labour in which SGIR and EISA will share responsibility for the European Journal of International Relations, SGIR will organise 15 panels at the Pan-European Conference, and SGIR will have exclusive responsibility for the PhD Summer School. This is all in addition to SGIR’s role within ECPR, in suggesting and sponsoring Workshops and Panels at ECPR’s Joint Sessions, Research Sessions and General Conferences, etc.
The new members of the Steering Committee embrace these new challenges:
‘We very much welcome the opportunity to serve as members of the Steering Committee of SGIR. We will work to reestablish SGIR as an energetic and inclusive Standing Group able to deliver its distinctive intellectual contributions within the European academic community. We will also work to develop scholarly networks, and accord a special importance to build cooperative working interactions with EISA and other relevant European associations. Our goal is an enriching academic network, dedicated for research and the training of future generations of scholars in all areas of IR. We welcome any suggestion and advice from all members of SGIR.’
Lisa Dellmuth, Manuela Moschella and Piki Ish-Shalom will take office as soon as the formal agreement outlining the cooperation and division of labour between SGIR and EISA has been signed.

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