CfP: Perspectives on Soft Power (Palgrave Macmillan)

Guest Editor: Professor Nick Anguelov (Department of Public Policy, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, USA)
Since its conceptualisation in the 1980s by Joseph Nye, the term ‘Soft Power’ has been widely invoked in foreign policy discussions. While proponents highlight the successful applications of soft power in confronting critical regional or global issues, others point to its limitations in contrast to those of ‘hard power’ approaches.
This thematic collection to be published in Palgrave Communications explores all aspects of soft power, from approaches to framing foreign-policy agendas, to the strategies that countries use to persuade and elicit positive attraction in order to obtain preferred outcomes.

Contributions are invited from a range of disciplines and perspectives, including, but not restricted to: diplomacy, international relations, security studies, international economics and law, sociology and anthropology.

Article proposals (including working title and abstract-length summary) should be sent to the Managing Editor at: for approval by the Guest Editor.

Deadline for full submissions: October 2016.

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Contributing authors include:
Prof Joseph Nye (Harvard University, USA)
Prof William Rugh (Middle East Institute, USA)
Dr Peter Sandby-Thomas (University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, USA)
Dr Craig Hayden (American University, USA)
Prof Paul Joseph (Tufts University, USA)
Ryoa Chung (University of Montreal, Canada)
Alan Chong (Nangyang Technical University, Singapore)
Emily Metzgar (Indiana University, USA)
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Article altmetrics
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Increased interdisciplinary conversation
Wide dissemination and global reach
*Our average submission to publication turnaround time is 6 months.

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