First General Meeting of PhISO

We are thankful to Mr. Cleve Kevin Robert Arguelles for hosting the 1st General Meeting of PhISO on June 11, 2016 at Rizal Hall of UP Manila. We are also thankful for those who came and participated in the meeting.

Courtesy of Mr. Arguelles

We are hoping that you will join the following activities:
– Founding International Conference of PhISO (please click here for further details)
– PhISO-GSCIS International Workshop (please click here for further details)
– PhISO Section at the Fifth Global International Studies Conference (please click here for further details)

In our subsequent meetings we will discuss:
– Membership (benefits and ID)
– Finances (partnership with UnionBank)
– Changing the SEC address
– BIR registration (Mayor’s permit, etc.)
– Proposal to host the Sixth Global International Studies Conference 2020
– Proposal for the WISC Exploratory Research Workshop
– Proposal for the ISA Research Workshop Grant
– Publication projects

Suggested next meeting is on 01 July 2016 (Friday). Venue to be announced soon.

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