PHISO slot for 2018 ISA Convention


The Philippine International Studies Organization has one allotted panel for the 2018 Annual Convention of the International Studies Association (ISA) in San Francisco, USA. Please see the Program Theme and Call here:

We invite everyone, particularly PHISO members, to submit your abstract proposals to not later than May 20. Proposals for ISA online application are due by June 1st and each proposed panel must contain 4-5 papers, a chair and a discussant. In order for inclusion in the 2018 program, they must be submitted via the following webpage:

In order to submit a proposal, you will need a MyISA account. If you do not yet have one, you may create one here: Since all panel participants need to have a MyISA account, we encourage you to reach out to your respective panelists and notify them of this requirement at your earliest convenience.

About ISA:

The International Studies Association is one of the oldest interdisciplinary associations dedicated to understanding international, transnational and global affairs. Founded in 1959, its more than 7,000 members span the globe – comprising academics, practitioners, policy experts, private sector workers and independent researchers, among others. The Association has long served as a central hub for the exchange of ideas and for networking and programmatic initiatives among those involved in the study, teaching and practice of International Studies.

Through its highly attended Annual Convention and regional/international conferences, as well as its respected journals and International Studies Encyclopedia, the Association promotes rigorous discussion, research and writing on a broad range of topics within International Studies, broadly construed. ISA also offers various funding, bridging and mentoring opportunities that facilitate the development of new ideas, relationships and skillsets. These opportunities provide a space for underrepresented groups, early career scholars and other professionals to grow in the field.

As an Association dedicated to posing and answering questions regarding some of the most pressing issues of our time, ISA is composed of a variety of Sections, Caucuses and Regions that seek to facilitate their members’ analysis of, and engagement with, the world of international, transnational and global affairs writ large.

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