Professor Caroline S. Hau is one of the advisors of PHISO

PHISO is very happy and honored to have Professor Caroline S. Hau as one of the association’s honorary advisors.

Dr Caroline S. Hau is Professor at the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University, Japan. Educated in the University of the Philippines and Cornell University, she is the author of Necessary Fictions: Philippine Literature and the Nation, 1946-1980On the Subject of the Nation: Filipino Writings from the Margins, 1946-1980The Chinese Question: Ethnicity, Nation, and Region in and Beyond the PhilippinesElites and Ilustrados in Philippine Culture; and Interpreting Rizal.  She is co-editor, with Kasian Tejapira, of Traveling Nation-Makers: Transnational Flows and Movements in the Making of Southeast Asia, and, with JPaul Manzanilla, of Remembering/Rethinking EDSA.  

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