International Studies in the Philippines (An interview with Archill Niña Faller-Capistrano)

Chapter 13: “Sexploitative human trafficking in, out of, and beyond the Philippines” authored by Archill Niña Faller-Capistrano

Understanding and addressing trafficking in persons as a glocal issue tends to highlight a state-centric worldview that entrenches the locus of danger almost exclusively upon the ‘sending’ states’ moving population as opposed to exploiters in and from destination states and across the globe. This chapter engages in the human trafficking discourse by presenting Philippine vulnerability to sex trafficking as an exemplification of a ‘liquid’ problem in the ‘cosmopolarity’ of the international, a fluid cosmos polarized by socio-economic forces that traverse the Global North and South, and predominantly commodify and sexually exploit female and young bodies. It argues for alternative frames and approaches that highlight evolving ‘viscose’ solutions to complement and transcend state-centric, supply-directed anti-trafficking measures in managing a cosmopolar international system.

International Studies in the Philippines: Mapping New Frontiers in Theory and Practice” Edited by Frances Antoinette Cruz & Nassef Manabilang Adiong

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