#PHISO2019 Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct applies in conference spaces and public spaces when an individual is representing #PHISO2019 that includes use of official conference e-mail address, official social media account posts, among others.


The Philippine International Studies Organization (PHISO) is organizing #PHISO2019 to provide its members and scholars from various fields of international studies the opportunity to engage in healthy, productive discourse to advance knowledge-building and encourage collaboration towards innovative ideas. #PHISO2019 is an avenue for inclusive dialogue on research and relevant issues of the day to help raise public awareness of the scholarship of international studies and its place in society. As such, PHISO prioritizes creating a space for discourse that encourages critical thinking, opens new horizons and possibilities for the field of international relations and promote camaraderie among disciplines to reach common goals. This space emphasizes respect and celebration of the diversity of our fellows in the academe and society. Accordingly, harassment, discrimination, intimidation and prejudice based on race, religion, ethnicity, language, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, physical or cognitive ability, age, appearance, or other group status shall not be countenanced. We also do not tolerate any form of belittlement towards any discipline. #PHISO2019 is also not a venue for unsolicited physical contact, physical violence and unruly behaviour. Participants are expected to refrain from disturbing the dignity of the event with any form of vandalism, littering, damage to property and other profane behaviours.

Examples of encouraged behavior by participants:

·       Using welcoming and inclusive language

·       Being respectful of differing perspectives and experiences

·       Unresentful acceptance of constructive criticism

·       Extending empathy towards fellow participants 

Examples of unacceptable behavior by participants:

·       Using sexualized language/imagery and/or unwelcome sexual attention or advances

·       Trolling, uttering demeaning comments, ad hominen or political attacks

·       Public or private harassment

·       Publishing others’ private information, such as a physical or electronic address, without permission

·       Other conduct which could reasonably be considered inappropriate in a professional setting


Clarifying standards of acceptable behavior is the primary duty of the #PHISO2019 Organizing Cluster (OC). Accordingly, the OC is expected to take appropriate and fair corrective action in response to any instances of unacceptable behavior. The OC is also entitled to edit, reject or delete contributions that violate this Code of Conduct, or to ban temporarily or permanently any contributor for other behaviors that they deem inappropriate, threatening, offensive, or harmful. Instances of any unacceptable behavior may be reported to the OC and the incident report/complaint shall be treated with confidentiality except for details needed for the timely and appropriate action as warranted under the circumstances. The OC reserves the prerogative to post specific enforcement policies separately. 

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