Research Committees

All members will be grouped into three specific research committees (RC) for which they have chosen during the application process. The research committees are:

  • RC1 – International Relations Theory
  • RC2 – Religion and International Relations
  • RC3 – Non-Western International Relations
  • RC4 – Post-Colonial International Relations
  • RC5 – Diplomacy and Foreign Policy
  • RC6 – International Law
  • RC7 – International Organizations
  • RC8 – Security and Peace Studies
  • RC9 – International Political Economy
  • RC10 – International Political Sociology
  • RC11 – Nationalism and International Relations
  • RC12 – International Development Studies
  • RC13 – Historical International Relations
  • RC14 – Environment and International Relations
  • RC15 – Gendering International Relations
  • RC16 – Philosophy and International Relations

It is envisioned that in the near future each research committee will have its own subdomain that hosts a blog where contributors discuss research collaborations and publications. It also include research committees’ analyses to area studies by PhISO members.

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