Welcome, Dr. Federico Magdalena

We are very delighted that Dr. Federico Magdalena is PhISO’s Member of Board of Advisors. For the current list of advisors, please click here.

Dr. Federico Magdalena is Associate Director and Faculty Specialist of the University of Hawai’i at Manoa. He obtained his PhD from the same university, and has taught Asian Studies (Islam in the Philippines) and Sociology. He is an alumnus of Mindanao State University. He currently directs the US Institute of Peace project on peacebuilding in the curriculum of Mindanao, in cooperation with Mindanao State University. This initiative supports the ongoing peace process with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. Some of his recent publications are as follows: “Moro Autonomy and the Sabah Issue: Problems and Challenges in Mindanao,” Progressio: Journal on Human Development, Vol 6 (2012): 1-21;  “Configuring the Mindanao Peace Process: Implications for Globalization and Development,” Mindanao Forum, Vol. XXV (June 2012): 69-97.  

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