2016 PhISO National Conference: Call for Volunteers

The Philippine International Studies Organization (PhISO) is the pioneering Filipino scholarly organization dedicated to the study of IR. It is the first and only Philippine organization recognized by the International Studies Association (ISA).
Consistent with PhISO’s primal mission of instilling the culture of scholarship to a community interested on the theories and praxes of IR and international affairs of the Philippines, we will be hosting the 2016 Founding National Conference of PhISO on 9-11 December 2016 in Metro Manila, Philippines. The conference, with a theme “Disciplining the Discipline: The History, Theory and Practice of International Relations in the Philippines,” will bring together academics, students and practitioners to trace and map the evolution of IR in the Philippines.
The Conference Organizing Committee is now looking for volunteers who are interested in expanding their skill set by organizing a national conference. We are looking for innovative, reliable and enthusiastic individuals to help PhISO make our first conference a success. Volunteers are welcome from across the Philippines. The majority of communications will take place via e-mail, with conference calls and actual meet-ups being organized, as needed depending on workload.
Volunteers will be needed for each of the following sub-committees:
1. Publicity and Documentation Committee – to engage our targeted audience in promotion of the conference through regular release of publicity materials and documentation of all conference activities. Responsibility will also include engaging the world of social media.
2. Food and Souvenirs Committee – to secure an affordable, reliable and high-quality food provider for the conference. Members of the committee will also be in-charge of planning for the conference kits/souvenirs.
3. Logistics Committee – to assist in securing a venue and equipment needed for the conference. Responsibility will also include providing travel advisories to participants, arranging group transportations (if needed), and designing floor plans for the conference.
4. Registration Committee – to take charge of all registration-related activities of the conference like monitoring of confirmation of attendance of participants, collection of conference fee. Members of this committee will be in-charge of preparing the conference book of abstracts.
5. Program Development Committee – to help shape the content of the conference by assisting in securing attendance of invited guests, designing program flow and handling other special activities like the fellowship night and election. Responsibility will also include providing on-site support to panel presentations.
6. Finance Management Committee – to actively search and secure funding opportunities by engaging various organizations, institutions and individuals to sponsor this national conference. Members of this committee will also be in-charge of monitoring of general flow of finances in the conference.

Interested individuals should fill out the form here or directly below. For inquiries, you may email Cleve Arguelles at conference@phiso.org.


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