Welcome, Prof. Dr. María Dolores Elizalde Pérez-Grueso

We are very happy to welcome Prof. Dr. María Dolores Elizalde Pérez-Grueso as one of PhISO’s advisors.

PORT-Filipinas 1 Pais entre 2 imperios:Port-muestraProf. Dr. María Dolores Elizalde Pérez-Grueso is Investigadora Científica at the Institute of History, National Center for Scientific Research (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, CSIC, Spain). Head of the Line of International Studies, she is specialized in International History, Colonial Societies and Colonial and Postcolonial Processes in Asia and the Pacific, in the 19th century. imagenAmong more than 70 publications, she is author and editor of the following volumes: España en el Pacífico: la colonia de las islas Carolinas, un modelo colonial en el contexto del imperialismo (1992); Imperios y Naciones en el Pacífico (2001); Las relaciones entre España y Filipinas, siglos XVI-XX (2003); Repensar Filipinas, Política, Identidad y Religión en la construcción de la nación filipina (2009); Filipinas, un País entre dos Imperios (2011); Nacionalismo versus Colonialism in Filipinas, India and Vietnam (2013). Her last publication is: Observing the Imperial Transition: British Naval Reports on the Philippines, 1898-1901, Diplomatic History 2015; doi: 10.1093/dh/dhu106.

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