CfP: International Studies Journal

Impacts of criminal courts/tribunals and law on the expansion of human rights concepts, evolution of the concept of responsibility, immunity and responsibility in the lights of criminal law, IHL and ICC, responsibility to protect and criminal law, transitional justice and impunity, enforced disappearance as a crime, crime against humanity and ICC, Security Council and criminal courts, instances of war crimes, competence of courts and human rights.
Vol. 47
No. 1
Published by: International Studies Journal (ISJ)
Application Deadline: 23 February, 2016

Terms and conditions of paper submission
1. Title and abstract of the paper including goal, method, results and achievements of research should be sent to and internationalstudiesjournal@yahoo.comby 10th of February 2016.
2. The paper can be in Persian, English, or French.
3. The title, abstract, and the manuscript should not have been published or presented before.
4. Payment of 200 Euros (150 Euros for Students) upon admission. The peoples who are interested to participate as an audience should pay the same fee. This fee covers registration, courses, booklet, ISJ quarterly magazines, coffees and lunch


International Studies Journal (ISJ)
United Nations Information Centre (UNIC)

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