International Studies Workshop in the Dolomites


Terzolas, Italy

23 June, 201625 June, 2016
Organised by:
The Bruno Kessler Foundation’s Center for Research on International Politics and Conflict Resolution

The three-day workshop brings together PhD students from across Europe and the rest of the world to present and refine their dissertation research, and to build connections with doctoral students from other universities.

The workshop precedes the annual two-day conference of the Standing Group International Relations of the Italian Political Science Association, which will take place this year in Trento on June 23-25, 2016.

The workshop is especially interesting for PhD candidates who are the stage of working on or completing their dissertation proposals or prospectuses as well as those who are at the writing up stage and post-docs who are turning their dissertations into books and/or articles.

Applicants should send a c.v. and a cover letter (with specific info about  1. Year of enrollment; 2. PhD research topic; 3. Any relevant fieldwork experience; and 4.  Methodological Approach) by Friday, March 4,2016.


Speakers include: 

Filippo Andreatta | University of Bologna and Fondazione Bruno Kessler – CERPIC

Richard Caplan | Oxford University

Richard Devetak | The University of Queensland

Jakub Grygiel | The Johns Hopkins University

Joseph Grieco | Duke University

Ted Hopf | National University of Singapore

Michael Horowitz | University of Pennsylvania

John Ikenberry | Princeton University

Matteo Legrenzi | Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

Stefano Recchia | University of Cambridge

Pascal Vennesson |  RSIS Singapore

Call for Papers:

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