International Studies’ scholars gather next week for the #PHISO2019 International Conference and Exploratory Workshop

Dear fellow participants of the #PHISO2019 International Conference,

I am very much excited to meeting you all for this year’s conference (commended by the Philippine’s President and endorsed by the Commission on Higher Education), as well as thankful to the great efforts of the lead organizer, Archill, to our president, Frankie, and to the kind assistance we received from the Trustees and members of the Advisory Board and Steering Committee. We are very grateful to the support provided by the World International Studies Committee (WISC), the UP Office of International Linkages, UP-CIDS Decolonial Studies Program, and UP Cebu’s Political Science Program.

Next week’s gathering of International Studies’ scholars, practitioners, teachers, researchers, and students feature:
– 4 keynote presentations of prominent scholars in their respective areas of specialization,
– a pre-conference workshop of 6 scholarly papers chaired by the Series Editors of the Routledge-PHISO book series on “International Relations in Southeast Asia,”
– 51 scholarly papers in 11 academic panels that explore IR theories in the Global South, gender, culture, security, diplomacy, foreign policy, China, among others,
– the launching of the first-ever PhD in International Studies in the country, and,
– two book talks on knowledge production in Southeast Asia, and critical spaces in transitional justice, respectively.

In a very short time, almost 4 years to be exact, PHISO is very proud of its achievements, and we will continue contributing to the development of decolonial IR knowledge in the Global South.

The final abridged version of the programme is now available here. Safe travels and see you next week in Cebu City.

Sincerely yours, and on behalf of PHISO,


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