Registration rates for the #PHISO2019 international conference and exploratory workshop

Reminder about PayPal, TransferWise, and bank transaction
To offset surcharges, additional PH₱300 (or US$6) for PayPal payments, if selected. Incomplete payments sent through PayPal will have to be completed onsite in Philippine Peso. If TransferWise is used, a small charge will automatically be deducted during the transaction and PHISO will receive the exact amount. Additional bank charges, if any, must be paid by the participant if bank-to-bank transfer is used.

Registration fees (with automatic 1-year PHISO membership) due on 31 July 2019:
PH₱3500 (or US$70) for graduate students & employed (active members pay ₱3000)
PH₱1500 (or US$30) for undergraduate students (active members pay ₱1000)

After payment, please register here with an image/screenshot for upload of your proof of payment showing your full name and having the filename format “<surname>-receipt” and/or scanned university ID (for undergraduate students) having the filename format “<surname>-id”.

IMPORTANT: Registration fee shall be non-refundable except if PHISO is constrained to cancel the 2019 PHISO International Conference and Exploratory Workshop due to fortuitous event/Act of God, e.g. war, fire, labor strike, extreme weather/geologic condition, or any other emergency that would render the conduct of the event impracticable, illegal or impossible.

To be eligible for event cancellation refund, the claimant must accomplish the form (to be activated only when the any of the stated condition arise) not later than 30 calendar days from the official notice of cancellation. The refund shall be limited either to the amount paid upon registration or the date of the cancellation notice whichever is lower based on the exchange rate of Metrobank, PHISO’s depository bank, less applicable transaction charges.

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