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The college textbooks project of PhISO analyzes theories of International Relations and their application to Global South countries, ASEAN, and the Philippines.

Theories of International Relations and their Applications to Global South, ASEAN, and the Philippines

How do we theorize the ‘international’? Is there a matrix that affects one’s theorizing skills, particularly the individuals’ view of the world? Is “theory is always for someone and for some purpose?” (Cox 1981: 129)

Is it necessary to have a sort of level of analysis? What are the polities and actors involved, and how do they interact, relate, clash and engage with one another? How come theories of the ‘international’ are empirically grounded on the experiences of the victors, especially by the Global North? These are the core questions this call would be interested to explore.

The project prefers proposals that encapsulate research inquiries posited above. The use of the Philippines as its primal actor in the application of the following theories is highly recommended, but not solely a prerequisite for acceptance. Global South countries and ASEAN can also be utilized.

• 1. Realism
• 1.1 Classical realism
• 1.2 Neorealism (structural realism)
• 1.3 Offensive realism
• 1.4 Defensive realism
• 2. Liberalism
• 2.1 Neoliberalism
• 2.2 Institutionalism
• 2.3 Democratic peace theory
• 2.4 Regime theory
• 3. (Social) Constructivism
• 4. English School
• 5. Critical Theory (Frankfurt School/Marxism)
• 6. Feminism and Queer theories
• 7. Green Theory
• 8. Hegemonic Stability theory
• 9. World-systems theory
• 10. The Copenhagen v. Singaporean schools (Security Studies)
• 11. Functionalism and Neofuctionalism
• 12. Postmodernism
• 13. Postcolonialism
• 13.1 Dependency theory
• 14. Non-Western Movements
• 15. Religion and IR
• 15.1 Christianity
• 15.2 Islam

To Authors:

Specific instructions for authors are available here. After reading the instructions, you may proceed submitting your initial proposal by completing the ‘Author Proposal Form (APF)’ here.

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